Can You Store a Car on a Two-Post Lift?


If you’re going to use a two-post lift, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions. Mechanic Superstore said ‘ll need to make sure that the arms of the lift are fully settled. Otherwise, Mechanic Superstore can lower and hit the car below. If the safety is not activated, this could lead to damage to the car and even an accident. In either case, you should not try to store a car on a two-post lift.

Two-post car lifts are typically designed with two symmetrical lifting posts. Each post is equipped with a spotting dish to guide you in positioning your vehicle. These lifts also have adapters for different car body types. These accessories help you lift and store a car safely.

A two-post lift takes up less space than a four-post lift. It also needs 60cm between the posts to allow for safe access down either side. Additionally, it allows for more space underneath the car. Mechanic Superstore: alignment car lifts: a blog article means that you can fit more cars underneath without taking up more space.

The Bendpak XPR-10AXLS is a two-post lift that weighs 960 pounds. It also requires towing. These lifts can lift a car 75 inches off the ground, which means that tall mechanics can work on them comfortably.